Financial Services

Banking and Capital Markets

AyGLOO provides customisable Explainable and Intuitive AI solutions for all segments of the banking and capital markets industries, orientated towards users, managers or analysts being able to make the most of AI.

We provide the value of interpretability of models to eliminate risks in decision-making and to improve the precisions of analyses.

It ensures a responsible and ethical AI in the decision-making of models that make decisions about people.

We include interpretability in text and image datasets.

AyGLOO has also developed a robotic process automation (RPA) platform to understand natural language processing (NLP) in order to process unstructured text documents, audios and videos.


Explainable and Intuitive AI platform for actuaries, risk and fraud analysts, operations (abandonment, cross-selling, demand forecasts), technology (malware) and any area in general that uses AI.

It discovers in depth how your analytical models operate and identifies bias, flaws and hidden relationships between variables in an intuitive and immediate way with a tool that helps you to make decisions.

AyGLOO has also developed a platform for the mass processing of text documents such as pdfs, emails, website text, etc.

Digitally Native Companies

Companies that have been founded from the internet use technology as a means to reach their customers.

AyGLOO assists in critical business processes to trust the results of AI models and to ensure there are no errors or bias in the predictions, recommendations and assessments they provide.

It also incorporates interpretability into text and image models.

Empresas Digitales Nativas
Telco y Media

Telecommunications and Energy

Fully interprets the results of advanced and precise analytical models.

It uses a dashboard that enables you to customise the analyses to fully interpret the working of analytical models and AI. It also enables you to discover how it works and why it gives the results it does.

It combines the interpretability of data models with text and image models.

AyGLOO has also developed a document-processing platform applying advanced NLP and Deep Learning models.


It makes the best decisions by interpreting your lean manufacturing and production optimisation models, whether on tabular data, text or images.

Trust in AI improving the user experience without depending on data scientists to understand the results.

AyGLOO has also developed an NLP solution to extract data from unstructured text documents, audios and videos that can process a limited number of documents in a few minutes.

Energía y Fabricación
Consumo – Retail, Turismo, Gran Consumo, Servicios

Consumption – Retail, Tourism, Widespread Consumption, Services

AyGLOO provides explainable and Intuitive AI solutions to business analysts and managers that need to interpret results of AI models to extract all of their value and guarantee the best and fastest decision making.

It improves the understanding of client and product life cycles, how pricing models, resources or processes are optimised, how digital channels boost your model, etc.


Applies understanding of natural language and Deep Learning to extract all of the value from unstructured text documents and understands how the model works and the reasons for the results.

For example, AyGLOO has developed a solution for fake news. Agencies constantly receive news and the editor has a dashboard that shows them immediately whether the news is fake and the reasons why the model thinks it is fake, to help in their decision-making.


Use Cases


Critical Processes

If you have a critical process for your business, AyGLOO provides you with a tool so you can understand every result and intuitively identify errors due to bias, flaws or hidden relationships between variables.

icono interpretar y desarrollar

Responsible processes

If you are an AI user and want to understand how your analytical and AI models work to eliminate bias, flaws or hidden relationships between variables in a simple way, and be able to make responsible and ethical decisions, AyGLOO provides you with the appropriate tool to do it with.

Madurez de uso de IA

Maturity of the use of AI

AyGLOO provides you with a tool to improve confidence in AI results, enabling you to obtain fast, reliable and better decisions. Not understanding how it works and why results are achieved causes mistrust.