Improve the performance of your processes in a sustainable and explainable way.

Nov 14, 2022 | in English, Innovation

How do we drive growth in a world of disruption? Cope with the new realities of ever-changing business models.

Redesign work accordingly, while driving a carbon reduction plan, minimizing costs, making a profit and innovating?

These are just some of the pressing questions that business leaders and our customers tell us they face every day.

Today, every business must be agile, able to comprehend staggering volumes of data to anticipate market trends and become a purpose-driven business.

Do you need to understand your data and generate intelligent reports to make decisions based on explainable algorithms? Automate tasks and integrate processes to connect end-to-end business, including suppliers and partners, with complete visibility while being aware of the vital needs to develop more sustainable business practices?

Aygloo is a startup with references and with the experience of our consultants we will find together the solutions that your business and your clients need.

You may find that your data landscape is too complex and that you need to simplify data reporting and processing. If your IT team is like most, they’re overwhelmed with incoming requests. How are they supposed to handle everything while they get it? for example, artificial intelligence (AI) projects beyond the state of testing, as well as explainable?

The answer: they must. The incorporation of AI is essential to innovate processes and obtain information from data; in short, to compete in today’s markets. Equally important, employing other smart technologies like IoT and predictive analytics alongside best practices on a consistent basis is essential to understanding the environmental impact of your operations end-to-end, with sustainability at the core of everything you do.

Sustainability is a new dimension of success that exemplifies best-run business and one of the most pressing challenges facing the world today, and at Aygloo, we believe that it is up to each individual and company to take responsibility for the future and reduce our footprint. Business integration and visibility are critical to meeting this mandate: CO2 emissions are part of the end-to-end process, from procurement to manufacturing, transportation and distribution, sales and disposal.

Is your company prepared for these challenges?

The companies that are moving forward, and staying at the forefront of their industry, are those that consistently apply artificial intelligence and best practices to agile and integrated processes. They use these powerful technologies to collect market data, predict the future, plan demand with real data with thousands of indicators, detect opportunities, risks and trends. At Aygloo, we are infusing #AI creation experiences into our clients’ processes.

We use artificial intelligence to understand not only what is happening in your company, but also why. We have the best #XAI solution to explain what is happening with your algorithms and suggest best practices, and we are also able to understand and manage your environmental impact.